woensdag 3 september 2014

City Lights

There’s no darkness in the lonely nights.
There’s no darkness to start some fights.
There’s no darkness in the city lights.

Light coming out of all the houses and all the stores,
even late at night when they’ve closed their doors.
And don’t forget the sirens and billboard signs of course.

I used to walk through an abandoned park,
through empty streets where no dog would bark.
At midnight I used to disappear in the dark.

I used to meet my demons here.
In the darkness I used to conquer my fear,
but in the lights of the city you can’t disappear.

When I look up to the sky at night.
The stars are there, but they don’t shine so bright.
‘Cause everyone of them got replaced by a streetlight.

There’s no darkness in the lonely night.
That’s why I’m starting this fight
to destroy every burning city light.

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